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Ever since Lisa auditioned for the musical Annie in the third grade, she had been seriously interested in musical theater. She loves to sing, dance, and act. She performs in two or three shows in her city each year.

This year, Lisa was excited to audition for the school musical. She was thrilled to get the part of the funny kid sister. She came to the first rehearsal in her tights and T-shirt, ready to dance. When she entered the auditorium, she scanned the groups of students, looking for a familiar face. She was surprised to see no one from her grade. Everyone looked older, and no one was wearing dance clothes.

A group of girls turned toward Lisa. One girl began to point and giggle. Lisa took a seat near the piano. Her cheeks burned. She tugged on her T-shirt, trying to make it longer, but it was no use. Finally, the music director arrived to lead the students through vocal warm-ups. Lisa forgot the giggling girl and began singing loudly.

After warm-ups, the director split the students into groups. Lisa’s stomach ached when she saw that she was in the group with Michelle, the giggling girl.

“Michelle, go ahead and lead your group in scales,” the director said turning to the other group.

“You know, you don’t have to sing so loud,” Michelle said to Lisa after the group sang their first scale.

Lisa looked down. Her eyes stung as she blinked back tears.

“Aw, leave her alone, Michelle. She’s young,” said a tall boy.

“Too young to be in the show,” countered Michelle. Lisa could feel the others’ eyes boring holes into the top of her head.

“Let’s just stick to the scales, okay?” another girl piped up. The students began singing again. Lisa barely opened her mouth. Then she felt someone nudge her in the side.

“She’s just jealous. She wanted your part,” whispered a smiling girl with dark curls.

“Oh. Thanks,” Lisa smiled back. The music director joined them and began teaching them the first song. Michelle had a solo.

“Nice work, Michelle,” the director praised. “You have quite a voice.” Michelle beamed. Then she looked at Lisa and smirked. Lisa sighed and looked down at her music.

The second song they learned had Lisa’s solo in it. She sang in the funny, high-pitched voice of a little kid. The others began to laugh.

“Great, Lisa! Just what that song needs – some comic relief,” the director said, grinning at her. Lisa smiled, but didn’t dare look at Michelle.

After rehearsal, Lisa stood outside the school, waiting for her bus. Someone came up behind her.

“Uh, good job.” Lisa turned to see Michelle standing awkwardly before her.

“Thanks. You too,” Lisa said cautiously. “You sure can hit those high notes. I can barely sing above C.”

“Thanks,” Michelle said, and this time her smirk turned into a genuine smile.

1. What does audition mean as used in this sentence?
a. to try out
b. to sing in front of people
c. to answer interview questions
d. to read lines from a movie or TV show

2. What happens in the story’s climax?
a. the director splits the students into groups
b. Lisa came to rehearsal in dancing clothes
c. the girl with the curly hair reassures Lisa
d. Michelle talks to Lisa at the bus stop

3. How will the other students most likely feel when they find out that Michelle has accepted Lisa?
a. excited
b. frustrated
c. jealous
d. pleased

My answers: a, d, d

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