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Check my answers 6 ?s- Physics

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What is a free body diagram?
(Points : 1)
a drawing of an object in free fall

a diagram showing all the forces acting on an object but not its surroundings <--

a diagram showing the shape of an object and the forces that act on it

a diagram of an object that is free to roll

Question 2. 2. Which of these would you include in a free body diagram of a coin balanced on its edge on a table?
(Points : 1)
the table

the force of gravity acting on the coin <--

the forces that would knock the coin over if it were not balanced

the room, to depict the physical setting

Question 3. 3. Which of these would you include in a free body diagram for a bicycle-plus-rider taken together as the bicycle is being pedaled up a hill?
(Points : 1)
the force that the bicycle tire exerts backward on the road

the reaction force that the road exerts on the bicycle <--

the force that the bicyclist exerts on the handlebars

the force that the bicycle pedal exerts on the bicycle chain

Question 5. 5. A balloon filled with helium experiences a buoyant force upward because the helium is less dense than the air around it. Suppose a balloon with a bolt tied to it by a string is floating at a height of 200 m without changing elevation. The weight of the string and bolt is 1.0 N. What is the buoyant force acting on the balloon?
(Points : 1)
0.0 N

1.0 N <--

9.8 N

200 N

Question 6. 6. A 2.1 kg wagon is being pulled by a rope that exerts a horizontal force of 4.0 N and, at that moment, is accelerating at 1.1 m/s2 on level ground. Remember that g = 9.8 m/s2. What is the normal force on the wagon?
(Points : 1)
0 N

2.3 N <--

21 N

9.8 N

Question 7. 7. In the year 2081 in a shipping port on the moon, workers for Ore-Space, Inc., hoist a 500.0 kg hunk of anorthosite moon rock by a chain. (Neglect the weight of the chain.) The block is initially accelerating at 4.0 m/s. How much force is being exerted by the chain? The force of gravity on the moon is one-sixth that of earth.
(Points : 1)
2,000 N <--

2,800 N

490 N

2,200 N

  • Check my answers 6 ?s- Physics -

    All right besides
    Question 6) 21 N
    Question 7) 2,800 N

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