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Homework Help: Health (Ms. Sue)

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, November 18, 2013 at 9:44pm.

"Cameron and Tony walked up to the counter at the convenient store. "What are you getting?" asked tony. "Nothing I'm out of cash," replied Cameron. "Didn't you have a bunch of money last week?" asked Tony. "Yeah, but I spent it on cigarettes." "Man, that just doesn't seem worth it. If you have a finite income, you should save it for the stereo system you wanted." "I know. Cigarettes keep getting more and more expensive, but I've been smoking for years. I can't stop," said Cameron. "It's not like quitting is impossible," replied Tony."

1. Write a paragraph discussing things that Cameron could do to make quitting easier. What could Tony do to help his friend quit smoking?

A: Cameron could set a quitting date, mark his progress, become involved in other activities, and reward himself to make quitting easier. Tony could contribute to this by encouraging his friend to seek support from support groups?

2. One reason that tobacco products are so expensive is that the U.S. government charges taxes that consumers must pay when they but tobacco. Why do you think the government keeps raising these taxes?

A: ?

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