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Homework Help: Health (Ms. Sue)

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Explain the relationship between the key terms in each of the following pairs.

a. nicotine and carbon monoxide
b. tar and emphysema
c. environmental tobacco smoke and carcinogen
d. mainstream smoke and sidestream smoke
e. drug abuse and overdose
f. recovering and relapse

a. ?
b. Tar and emphysema correspond with each other as the initial inflammation is caused by infections which in turn is caused by the accumulated mucus as a result of the tar in the lungs?
c. Environmental tobacco smoke and carcinogens are very similar to each other as they both result in and are the cause of cancer?
d. While they are both types of smoke, mainstream smoke is different than sidestream smoke, as mainstream smoke is smoke that is inhaled through a tobacco product and exhaled by a tobacco smoker, whereas sidestream smoke is the smoke that escapes from the tip of a cigarette, cigar, or pipe?
e. Drug abuse and overdoes are very similar to each other as drug abuse is the intentional improper or unsafe use of a drug and overdose is the taking of too much of this drug which causes illness, loss of consciousness, permanent damage, or even death.
f. Recovering and relapse contrast immensely with each other as recovering is the process of learning to live without drugs, whereas relapse is a return to suing drugs while trying to recover from drug addiction?

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