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Advanced Chem- Intermolecular Forces of Attraction

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Answer/ explain the following in terms of intermolecular forces and properties of the substances referred to in each situation.

1. Why is it that if a glass is slightly filled above the brim with water, the liquid does not overflow?

2.Induced dipole forces or London force of attraction become very strong between large molecules.

3.The molecular weights of compound A and compound B differ only slightly. The molar heat of sublimation of A is much larger than that of B. How do the intermolecular interactions in A and B compare? Which would you expect to have the higher vapor pressure at room temperature?

4.Ordinary ice (solid water) melts at 0°C, while dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) melts at a much lower temperature.

5. The intermolecular forces in liquid methane is greater than those in liquid argon. Which substance has the HIGHER CRITICAL TEMPERATURE?

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