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college essay cover letter

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Can someone edit this

Dear Admissions,

I was pleased to find that the University of Connecticut allowed for applicants to submit a writing supplement along with their applications. So, I have taken this opportunity to show the main experiences that I have experienced the past 4 years and their direct affects on my grades earlier in my high school career.

With that said, I think it is essential that you know that I wrote this supplement not with the intentions of evoking sympathy, but rather empathy. You see, there is no true way in which I can put you in my shoes. There is no extraordinarily remarkable way in which I can miraculously have you feel what I have felt and see what I have seen, just as there is no way to reverse time and redo my past. Thus, I have constituted this supplement with the intention of having you understand the stories behind my transcript and to give you a better understanding as to who I am. It is my best effort to having you see what I see, as I hope you come to understand me as a beneficial asset to the University of Connecticut.

Christine Savino

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    Christine, you are still wordy. Most students do not do a cover letter, but I have to say, your second paragraph is really distracting from your story.

    I would recommend this....

    Dear Dean of Admissions (I would put his/her name in that salutation)

    Attached is a supplemental letter to my admissions package, which contains some valuable and important information regarding me.

    Thank you for reading it.



    As I have written to you a couple of times before, Christine, very often, simpler is better. Shorter sentences are better (eye catching, and absorbed).

    Good luck

    Print the letter on quality bond paper.

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    is the director of admissions the same as a dean of admssions?

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    and if so, would I just say; Dear Director of Admissions, Lee H. Melvin,

    or would I just put dear Lee H. Melvin,

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    never mind mind I figured it out

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