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Homework Help: Solar Energy

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 6:19am.

Consider a PV module with the following parameters as measured at STC (Standard Testing Conditions):

Voc = 55 V;

Isc = 5 A;

Impp = 4.7 A;

Fill Factor = FF = 75% ;

Efficiency = 19.75%.

Suppose that under normal operation at STC conditions, the module is not connected to an MPPT device, and is instead directly connected to a purely resistive, variable load 'R'. The load R can be tuned to give a resistance between 0 to 1kΩ.

What value of resistance will you keep the load at, if you wish to derive maximum power from the PV module under STC conditions?

1)R = 9.34Ω.
2)R = 11Ω.
3)R = 11.71Ω.
4)R = 5Ω.
5)Irrespective of the value R takes, the module can never be made to deliver maximum power under STC.

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