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ELA? Check answers!!

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1. Which of the following places would need to be sterile?
A: park
B: classroom
C: A hospital operating room

2.Which of the following example of a question you might ask yourself to monitor comprehension?
A: How can thrid-degree burns be treated at home?
B: How is a third-degree burn different from a second-degree burn?
C: How many people are sent to the hospital with third-degree burns each year?
D: What are some ways you can prevent burns?

3. What kind of sentence will you help you monitor your comprehnsion: What a second-degree burn looks like.
A: declarative
B: exclamatory
C: imperative
D: interrogative

My answers:
1. C
2. D
3 A

  • ELA? Check answers!! -

    1. correct

    2. Please reread this and let us know what is meant by "monitor comprehension."

    3. That is not a complete sentence

  • ELA? Check answers!! -

    Was there some text? That might have been helpful when posted. Anyways, Your first answer was right, and the 2nd answer depedns on the text. The third answer, I would say it is interrogative because you need to ask a question to monitor a person's comprehension
    So the answers are

    2. ?
    3. D

  • Sam ... -

    Sam -- this is not a complete sentence:
    What a second-degree burn looks like.

    Therefore, it is not any of the four answer choices!

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