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Mark and Sandy are participating in a Bike-a-Thon for charity. Mark oversleeps, so Sandy gets a one hour head start and bikes at a speed of 12 miles per hour. To catch up to Sandy, Mark decides that he needs to bike at a speed of 15 miles per hour.

1. Make a chart that shows how far Mark and SAndy ride their bikes during the first three hours of the Bike a thon
Hour 1: Mark 15mph Sandy 12mph
Hour 2: Mark 30mph Sandy 24mph
Hour 3: Mark 45mph Sandy 36mph

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    You missed the fact that Sandy had a one hour head start.

    At the end of:
    Hour 1: Sandy -- 12 m; Mark 0
    Hour 2: Sandy -- 24 m; Mark 15
    Hour 3: Sandy -- 26 m; Mark 30

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    Thank you.

    2. WRite an expression that represents Sandy's journey. Be sure to define your variables

    12t + 12

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    You're welcome.


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    But didn't she have a one hour head start so she would have had an extra 12 m?

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    You just need an expression that represents her journey. It doesn't make any difference what time she started.

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