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you have a subscription to a music website that allows you to download 25 songs from the site each month. You are charged an additional fee after the first 25 songs are downloaded. After downloading 28 songs, you paid a total of $34.80. After downloading 30 songs, you paid a total of $40.70.

a: what is the cost per song after the first downloaded?

b: what is the cost of the website subscription?

  • math -

    charge for first 25 songs --- x dollars per song
    charge for songs over 25 ---- y dollars per song

    25x + 3y = 34.8
    25x + 5y = 40.7

    subtract the 1st from the 2nd
    2y = 5.9
    y = $2.95
    sub into the 1st
    25x + 3(2.95) = 34.8
    25x = 25.95
    x = $1.04

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