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Posted by sara on Monday, November 11, 2013 at 3:22am.

In the space before each of the following items, place a C if the capitalization is correct, a zero (0) if it is incorrect. Then insert capitals where they should be, and draw a line through capitals that should be small letters.
1. the Rocky Mountains

2. my spanish course

3. a Florida resort

4. the Ajax Soap company

5. Motherís Day

6. the United Auto Workerís union

7. the summer vacation

8. mayor Jackson

9. freshman class

10. the Beacon theater

11. my high school, Wilson high school

12. Tenth Avenue

13. Wesleyan college

14. in the West

15. Go North for two miles.

16. a touch football game

17. Mrs. McCall, the principal

18. the Red Badge of Courage

19. my Father

20. Yosemite National park

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