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The pressure of a gas varies directly as its temperature. IF the pressure of a gas is 200 pounds per square inch (lb/in^2) at a temperature of 65.5 degrees C, what is the pressure of the gas when the temperature is 250 degrees F?

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    The pressure of a gas varies directly as its temperature:
    P = kT
    Note that the temperature must be absolute (in Kelvin units). To convert, just add 273 to the degree Celsius.
    Substituting the given,
    200 lb/in^2 = k (65.5 + 273)
    k = 200 / 338.5
    k = 0.5908
    Now that we know the k, we can use this to solve for the pressure in the second condition. Note that the temperature is in degree F. To convert, T,K = (5/9)*(T,F + 459.7).
    P = 0.5908 * (5/9) * (250 + 459.7)
    P = 232.94 lb/in^2

    Hope this helps :3

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    Thank you so very much :)

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