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Homework Help: Finance

Posted by Joanne on Sunday, November 10, 2013 at 11:32pm.

Following are selected financial data in thousands of dollars for
the Hunter Corporation.
2012 2011
Current assets $ 500 $400
Fixed assets, net 700 600
Total assets 1,200 1,000
Current liabilities 300 200
Long-term debt 200 200
Common equity 700 600
Total liabilities and equity $1,200 $1,000
Net sales $1,500 $1,200
Total expenses _1,390 _1,100
Net income 110 100.
a. Calculate Hunterís rate of return on total assets in 2012 and
in 2011. Did the ratio improve or worsen?
b. Diagram the expanded Du Point system for Hunter for 2012.
Insert the appropriate dollar amounts wherever possible.
c. Use the Du Pont system to calculate the return on assets for
the two years, and determine why they changed.
I need some help please!!

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