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Open that link please , just delete the parentheses and spaces and 123's please
please help me with my assignments
I beg you cooperate with me huhu
1. in the figure , the areas of traingle cef, triangle abe, triangle adf are 3,4, and 5 respectively. find the area of triangle aef

2. equialateral triangle abc has an area of square root of 3 and side of length 2. point p is an arbitrary point in the interioir of the traignle. what is the sum of the distances from p to ab, ab, and bc?

3. in the accompanying firgure , abcd is a square . suppose be=3 cm, ec=1cm and p is a point on the diagonal bd. find the smallest possible value of pe + pc in cm.

4. in triangle abc, ab=7, ac=9. on ab, point d is taken so that bd = 3. de is drawn cutting ac in e so that quadrilateral bced has 5/7 the area of trangile abc. find ce.

5. find the ratio between the area of a square inscribed in a circle and an equilateral circumscribed about the same circle.

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