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Spanish (need help quickly)

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I'm having trouble with indirect object pronouns in Spanish.

Which indirect object pronoun would go in the blank?

¿Quién _____ ayuda a ti con los estudios?
(This one I am thinking te)

No_____ decimos mucho a nuestros padres. (For this one I was thinking nos)

Por favor, Sr. Ramírez, díga_____ directamente a mí si hay algo que necesita.
(I am thinking le for this one)

Thank you for your time!

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    You are absolutely correct on the first one, but not on the next two. First of all here are the Indirect Object Pronouns from which you must choose:
    me = a mía
    te = a ti
    le = a ella, a él, a Usted
    nos = a nosotros/nosotras
    os = a vosotros/vosotras
    les = a ellas, a ellos, a Ustedes

    IF you also have a Direct Object Pronoun (lo, la, los or las) in front of le or les, the le or les changes to se. (not to be confused with the Reflexive Pronoun!)

    Now, looking at the 2nd sentence, a nuestros padres (to our parents will actually be "to them" = les.

    For the last one, look at the Preposition Pronoun (a mí) because you need me here.

    I'll flag this so that I can come back later to see if you still have any questions.


  • Spanish (need help quickly) - ,

    1 TE
    2 LES
    3 ME

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