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A potter’s wheel of radius 53.13 cm and mass 106.4 kg is freely rotating at 47.1 rev/min. The potter can stop the wheel in 5.65 s by pressing a wet rag against the rim and exerting a radially inward force of 66.2 N.
What is the angular acceleration of the wheel?

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    The only information of any use in this lengthy paragraph is:

    wheel stops from 47.1 rev/min in 5.65 sec

    we want radians and seconds
    47.1 rev/min * 2 pi rad/rev * 1 min/60 s
    = 4.93 radians/second

    acceleration = change in velocity/change in time
    = 4.93 rad/s / 5.65 s
    = .873 radians/second^2

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    Oh, and the answer is negative (deacceleration)

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    yea i had the answer but forgot the negative, thanks man! really appreciate it!

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