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You are a museum director/gallery executive director - a person of responsibility in the arts in a place where people go to deliberately look at art. This work is not being thrust on an unsuspecting public.

A local woman of wealth, married to a man with political clout, visits the museum/gallery and takes offense at one of the artists being displayed - claiming that the photos, however innocent in appearance, are all nudes and pornographic. She makes a huge scene and demands to speak to the party responsible for the exhibit.

Que you.

When she has your complete attention, she threatens to expose the obscenity to the public and to notify the newspapers and local businesses and even if she doesn't succeed in closing the doors of the museum/gallery, she will certainly see to it that you are no longer employed. Of course, this is all at the top of her lungs - in front of a growing audience of bystanders. Some begin to nod their heads in agreement.

How do you personally handle this situation?

Write about how you would handle it and why you have chosen that particular course of action. Explain any reasoning that you have made with re: to the artwork (it is not known if they are nudes or not - too abstract). Explain how you feel the role of the museum/gallery would fit into this scenario.

The research required is to define the differences between a gallery and a museum.

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    If you're expecting someone here to do your entire assignment for you, you've come to the wrong place.

    But if you have an actual question about your assignment, please post it, and someone here may be able to help.

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