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Suppose that you moved to a town in which all houses are dimensionally similar (look this up) and property taxes are calculated on a formula that considers the area of the lot (10 cents/ft^2), the size of street front ($2/ft), the volume of the house (50 cents/ft^3), and the distance to the center of town ($3000 – $1 per each 100 feet away from the center).

There is a house about 1000 feet from the center of town, in a 900 ft^2 lot, which has 30 feet of street front, and pays $5000 in taxes. How much money in taxes does a house, located 3000 feet from the center of town and having 40 feet of street front, has to pay?

  • algebra -

    t = .10a + 2f + .5v + (3000 - d/100)
    assuming the area and volume of the 2nd house are the same, only

    2f - d/100

    changes. Since the 1st house paid 5000 in taxes, and we have new variables of

    d+2000 and f+10, the new taxes are

    5000 + 2(10) - 20 = 5000

    same taxes due

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