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A block whose weight is 34.0 N rests on a horizontal table. A horizontal force of 27.2 N is applied to the block. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction are 0.600 and 0.472, respectively. Will the block move under the influence of the force, and, if so, what will be the block's acceleration? If the block does not move, give 0 m/s2 as the acceleration.

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    Fap - 0.6*34 = m*a = m*0 = 0
    Fap = 20.4N,mln. = Force applied.
    27,2 N will move the block.

    m*g = 34
    m*9.8 = 34
    m = 3.47 kg

    a=Fn/m = (27.2-0.472*34)/3.47=3.21 m/s^2

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