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Chemistry AP

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Each response gives a pair of solutions. Which pair of solutions should conduct electrical current equally well?

1. 0.10 M NH3 and 0.10 M NH4Cl
2. 0.10 M NaNO3 and 0.10 M HNO2
3. 0.10 M HBr and 0.10 M HF
4. 0.10 M NaCl and 0.10 M NaClO4

Please help...
I would also would like to know how to solve. Thank You...

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    Conducting electricity EQUALLY well means both not very well, both not at all, both very well.
    So look to see if the pair are non-electrolytes, strong electrolytes, weak electrolytes.
    NH3 and NH4Cl. NH3 is a weak base; NH4Cl a salt that ionizes completely so NH3 will conduct weakly and NH4Cl strongly. Not #1.
    NaNO3 is ionizes 100% so strong conductor; HNO2 is a weak acid so weak conductor. Not #2.
    HBr a strong acid and HF weak acid; therefore not #3
    4. NaCl strong electrolyte; NaClO4 strong electrolyte so both will conduct electricity very well. I would pick #4 as the choice.

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    Thank You Very Much... It help me completely understand how to get the answer... Thank You...

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