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The Ladder is 5 m long and weighs 180N. The guy weighs 800N, and stops 1m horizontally up the ladder. The bottom of the ladder rest on a horizontal stone ledge at 53.1 degree.
Find the normal and he frictional force at the base.


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    draw the figure.
    lable the forces. At the top of the ladder, you have a horizontal force only pushing intothe wall, and the wall pushing back.
    You have on the ladder at center, weight, and the guy 1 m upwards,
    You have the base of the ladder, vertical, and friction force.

    Now write equilibirum equations.
    Sume horizontal forces=0
    sum vertical forces =0
    sum moment about any point (I recommend the base of the ladder)=0

    You will get a solution quickly.

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