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Which is an equation of the line that passed through ( 2,-5 ) and ( 6,3 ).

A. Y= 1/2X - 6
B. Y= 1/2X
C. Y= 2X + 12
D. Y= 2X - 9

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    I really need help with this question so can anyone please explain to me how I can solve this question and please explain to me how you found the answer to this question step by step.

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    Look up the two-point form of the equation for a line. It is based on the fact that the slope of a line is constant. The slope here is (3+5)/(6-2) = 2.

    Now starting from the point (2,-5), pick any other point (x,y) on the line.

    The slope between those two points will always be the same: 2. So, for any point (x,y),

    (y+5)/(x-2) = 2
    (y+5) = 2(x-2)
    y+5 = 2x-4
    y = 2x-9

    You could just as easily use the other point (6,3) as a starting place:

    y-3 = 2(x-6)
    y-3 = 2x-12
    y = 2x-9

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