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can someone please explain why there are advertisement on the webpage, which are very dating women..
whoever set this programme up can you please get rid of it as this is for educational purposes not for promoting sexual preferences!!

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    I just deleted five of your duplicate posts.

    Why do you think you have the right to spam this forum?

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    sorry I only posted this once...
    technical fault.. :(


    my kids use this guys are great
    I am really astonished by the ads though

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    I have a right to protect my child!!

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    I understand. I hate ads for myself, not only for young children.

    But the only way to avoid ads is to pay directly for the services we use.

    I'll take the ads, thank you.

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    PS -- If you use Chrome or Firefox to access the internet, install and enable the extension called AdBlockPlus. Then you won't see the ads at all.

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    Hello, I am the lead web developer for I am truly sorry that dating ads were displayed while you were browsing this website. I completely agree that dating ads are inappropriate on an educational website that is geared toward K-12 students. I have taken extra steps to ban ads categorized under "dating" from appearing on this website.

    If you come across any other questionable content, please feel free to report it on this forum as you did, or use our contact form to send us a direct message:

    Thank you.

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