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1. Corina and Drew want to determine the height of a signpost that is next to their house. However, the signpost is too tall to measure. They decide to use their shadows and compare them to the shadow of the signpost.
At 4:00 Pm, Corina measures Drew's shadow to be 63 inches long. Drew is 54 inches tall. Drew then measures Corina's shadow. If Corina's shadow is 56 inches long, how tall is Corina?

1b. At 4:00 PM Corina and Drew also measure the signpost's shadow. The signpost's shadow is 105 inches long. How tall is the signpost?
I don't know how to set it up

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    1. already answered

    2. Use a proportion

    54/63 = x/105

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    a = 7 and k = 2

  • Math -

    barry wants to cut a peice of plywood that is 6 1/3 feet long into 9-inch wide strips how many inches are equivalent to 6 1/3

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