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if all of the following imaginary planets were the same distance from the sun, which would experience the strongest force of gravity due to the sun?

planet a: mass 3,500 kg
planet b: mass 50,000 kg
planet c: mass 750 kg
planet d: mass 100,000 kg

a)planet a
b) planet b
c) planet c
d) planet d

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    Naturally, the planet with the most mass experiences the strongest force.

    F = GMm/r^2

    If r is constant, then GM/r^2 is a constant k, and

    F = km

    Larger m means larger F (force).

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    Its planet d

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    Thanks Queen elsa! You totally helped me! Her answer is RIGHT you will get it right.

    Hope this helps!

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    The strength of a gravity pull between two bodies is proportional to their mass and inversely proportional to their distance. Since the distance here is fixed, the only thing that will affect it is the bodies' mass. Since the sun is a fixed mass here, the only thing that will matter now is the mass of the planet

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    Its plant d i have the same question as you and i got this one right

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    It is D because out of all the planets, it is farthest away. Because it farthest away, it experiences the strongest force. I am in the same school as you, Connections Academy. You should read the lessons and information, and learn it. You will benefit from it. Use your own mind, you are capable.

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