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In 1998 a San Diego Reproductive clinic reported 49 live births to 207 women under the age of 40 who had previously been unable to get pregnant.

Using the 90% confidence interval calculated above, would it be misleading for the clinic to report a success rate of 25%?

A) Yes, because the 90% confidence interval extends above 25%
B) Yes, because we should have calculated a 99% confidence interval to be more certain
C) No, because the 90% confidence interval includes 25%
D) Yes, because the 90% confidence includes 25%; to advertise this success rate the lower bound of the 90% confidence interval should above 25%

Wouldn't the answer be C since the interval falls between 0.19-0.29?

  • Statistics -

    Ans C

    Includes 25%
    [.207, .266]

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