February 25, 2017

Homework Help: English Adverbs

Posted by Jane on Sunday, October 27, 2013 at 4:08pm.

I'm not really sure about my adverbs in these sentences. Can someone please check them? *Cross out any prepositional phrases. Underline the subject once and the verb/verb phrase twice. Label any adverb- Adv. 1. That small child often falls down on his roller skates. (subject- child verb- falls prepositional phrase- on his roller skates adverb- often, down) 2. Lenny's brothers are playing outside in the rain. (subject- brothers verb- are playing prepositional phrase- in the rain adverb- outside) 3. The dog went outside and ran around in a circle. (subject- dog verb- ran prepositional phrase- around in a circle adverb- outside) 4. Please look up toward the skylight in the ceiling. (subject- you verb- look prepositional phrase- toward the skylight, in the ceiling adverb- up) 5. The teenagers walked in and out among the fair booths. (subject-teenagers verb- walked prepositional phrase- among the fair booths adverb- in, out) 6. Are Annie and James lagging behind again? (subject- Annie, James verb- are lagging prepositional phrase- behind again adverb-none?) 7. One of the players on the other team came over to talk to my brother. (subject- players verb- came prepositional phrase- on the other team, to my brother infinitive- to talk adverb-over) 8. We walked inside and looked for a guide. (subject- we verb- walked prepositional phrase- for a guide adverb- inside) 9. Rob will come along with us. (subject- Rob verb- will come prepositional phrase- along with us adverb- none?) 10. Several girls rode by on their bikes and waved. (subject- girls verb- rode prepositional phrase- on their bikes and waved adverb- by) 11. A frightened child would not come near. (subject- child verb- would come prepositional phrase- none adverb- near) 12. You may not go through without a ticket. (subject- you verb- may go prepositional phrase- without a ticked adverb- through 13. Please come by in the morning. (subject- you verb- come by prepositional phrase- in the morning adverb- none?) 14. The mother walked inside and checked the cake in the oven. (subject-mother verb- walked, checked prepositional phrase- in the oven adverb- inside) 15. She approached the table, looked underneath, and found a giggling toddler. (subject-she verb- approached, looked, found prepositional phrase- none adverb- underneath) 16. The shopper looked both ways at the intersection and hurried across. (subject- shopper verb- looked prepositional phrase- at the intersection and hurried across adverb- both ways?)

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