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4. Which of the following sentences contains a comma splice?

A.The kitten climbed the drapes, it couldn't figure out how to get down.
B.The cruise ship docked on Oahu, then again on Maui.
C.We need help with organization, structure, and spelling.
D.Our friend, who travelled from Tennessee, was quite tired when he arrived.

I picked A, because these are two independent sentences that could stand alone. They do not require a comma between them. Is my thinking correct?

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    What punctuation SHOULD be used, do you think?

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    A period, if the sentences were separated. However, you could use a semicolon to demonstrate the close relationship.

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    Exactly right, on both!!


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    Which one of the following sentences is correctly punctuated?

    A. Look up, look down, and look all around?
    B. Smile when you say that, Partner?
    C. When will the winter end?
    D. Look at me, then say what you have to say?

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