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A mixture of C3H8 and C2H2 has a mass of 2.3g . It is burned in excess O2 to form a mixture of water and carbon dioxide that contains 1.6 times as many moles of CO2 as of water. What is the mass of C2H2 in the original mixture?

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    C3H8 + 5O2 ==> 3CO2 + 4H2O
    2C2H2 + 3O2 ==> 4CO + 2H2O

    Two equations and two unknowns. Solve simultaneously.
    Let x = mass C3H8
    and y = mass C2H2
    The first equation is x + y = 2.3g
    The second equation is more difficult to write on this board. In simple form equation 2 is
    mols CO2 = 1.6*mols H2O
    Substitute the below for mols CO2 and mols H2O
    mols CO2 from C3H8 and C2H2 = [(3x/44) + (2y/26)] where 44 is molar mass C3H8 and 26 is molar mass C2H2.

    mols H2O = [(4x/44) + (y/26)]

    Post your work if you get stuck.

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