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Sometimes it is important to make a good decision quickly. Read the passage below and answer the following questions.

"Pete is at a party at his friend Rhonda's house. He is having a good time until he looks at his watch and realizes that he should have called his parents 5 minutes ago. They said that he could come to this party if he promised to call them at 10 p.m. Pete goes to use the phone, but Rhonda is using it and seems to be ignoring him. His friend Jack offers to give him a ride on his motorcycle to the nearest phone booth, which is a few blocks away. Jack appears to be a safe diver, but he does not have a helmet for Pete to wear. Pete gets the feeling that declining Jack's offer will make him seem silly to his friends. After all, it only a couple of blocks."

1). What options does Pete have? List the possible positive and negative consequences of each one.

A: Pete possesses three options: 1. He can politely ask Rhonda to use the telephone, despite the fact that she is ignoring him, which would most likely result in him being able to contact his parents and Rhonda being even more aggravated with him. 2. He can walk to the nearest telephone booth, which would also result in Pete being able to contact his parents, although he will probably need to explain what took him so long, due to the fact that he walked, because they will most likely be worried and upset. 3. Pete can accept Jack's offer, which would, undoubtedly, result in his parents being extremely anger with him, demanding that he needed to return to his house. However, another consequence of this option could result in a devastating car accident or the loss of Pete's life.

2). What does Pete decide to do? Finish the story, showing the best possible decision and its consequence. Do you think Pete is happy with his decision? Why or why not?

A: "However, despite this, he knows his parents would never approve. He shakes his head, declining Jack's offer. Instead, he asks if Jack brought his own celluar device. Shrugging his broad shoulders, he rummages through his pockets to reveal his celluar device, seemingly forgetting about it. Pete then politely asks to use it, which Jack response to by giving it to him without the slightest bit of hesitation and walking away, disappearing into the sea of people, leaving Pete to speak with his parents."

I believe Pete is content with his decision because he made a decision in which didn't result in terrible consequences as well as weren't against his values.

3). Now finish the story again, showing the worst possible decision and its consequence. Do you think Pete is happy with his decision? Why or why not?

A: "What does it matter? His parents will never know. He gratefully accepts Jack's offer and mounts onto the back of his motorcycle. Jack then begins the engine, driving carefully until he notices a car has veered into their path and desperately tries steers his motorcycle in a sharp turn. When Jack stares into the bright headlights, he regrets his decision immediately and wonders if the sight of these overly bright beams of light will be the last he will ever see."

No, I do not because the consequence of the worst possible decision ultimately led to his death.

4). Which refusal skills did you include in Pete's options? Did he use one of them? If so, which one?

A: I included the refusal skill of refusing in Pete's options. He uses this one when declining Jack's offer in the segment of the story I had written in which demonstrated the best possible consequence.

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