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Read the passage below, and then answer the questions that follow.

"As Marty pulled away from the curb, he thought about Sina's answer. He didn't understand it. Her response was ambiguous. Marty thought that maybe she wouldn't skip school with him and his friends because she was afraid to get caught. As Marty reached for a beer, he though it was silly to fear getting caught. He skips school all the time. Suddenly, Marty hears sirens. He looked up in his rearview mirror and saw a police car behind him."

1). In this passage, the word "ambiguous" means

a. negative
b. not clear
c. complicated
d. hopeful

A: b

2). What can you infer from reading this passage?

e. Sina skipped school with Marty
f. Marty was pulled over by the police
g. Marty had a great day with his friends
h. all of the above

A: f

3). Write a paragraph describing all the reasons why Sina shouldn't skip school with Marty.

A: There are many reasons why Sina shouldn't skip school with Marty. First, she shouldn't skip with him because, by this single mistake, her parents could lose their trust in her. Another reason is that Marty is drinking and driving which means being in any vehicle with him is dangerous and life-threatening. The beer itself is yet another reason why she shouldn't skip school with him. She could be involved in an car accident or perhaps be arrested for the mere sight of it.
She also shouldn't skip school with him because she could become expelled or "grounded" by her parents?

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