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Homework Help: science help plzzz

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1. Over time, a particular plant has developed a longer stamen. Which of the following is a possible advantage of having a longer stamen? (1 point)
A longer stamen could ensure that an insect brushes against an anther and picks up pollen.
A longer stamen could ensure that the flower produces more nectar.
A longer stamen could ensure that pollen could reach the ovary and fertilize the egg.
A longer stamen could ensure that the developing flower is well protected.
2. How does the sticky tip of the pistil help a plant reproduce? (1 point)
The tip of the pistil is sticky so it can trap pollinators.
The tip of the pistil is sticky so it can disperse pollen.
The tip of the pistil is sticky so it can disperse seeds.
The tip of the pistil is sticky so it can trap pollen.
3. Carrion flies feed on rotting meat. The flower of the skunk cabbage, which is shown below, relies on these flies to pollinate it. How do you think the skunk cabbage adapted to attract carrion flies?

skunk cabbage (1 point)
The flower blooms only at night when the flies are active.
The flower looks and smells like rotting meat.
The pollen the plant produces tastes like rotting meat.
The flower produces nectar that the flies can eat instead of rotting meat.
4. The banana tree has large, bell-shaped flowers that bloom at night and have a strong smell. The banana tree most likely relies on which of the following animals to pollinate its flowers?
Animal Active Sense of smell
firefly at night poor
hummingbird during the day very poor
bat at night very good
butterfly during the day very good

(1 point)
5. The fruit of an oak tree is called an acorn. You observe a squirrel gathering and burying acorns. Several months later, you observe an oak seedling growing in the area where the squirrel buried an acorn. What conclusion can you draw about oak tree reproduction from your observations? (1 point)
Squirrels help disperse oak tree seeds by eating their fruit.
Squirrels help oak trees reproduce by burying acorns.
Squirrels bury acorns so they have a source of food in the future.
Squirrels prefer acorns to other types of nuts.

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