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Posted by de3100 on Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 12:46pm.

Your friend runs up to you, scared that he is not ready for the upcoming quadratics test. To help him study, you will create four different quadratic functions. Then demonstrate to him how to rewrite each function as a group of factors, if possible.
The function f(x) is a difference of squares.
The function g(x) is a sum of squares.
The function h(x) is a perfect square trinomial.
The function j(x) can only have a GCF factored out of it.

Explain the grouping method of factoring. Describe a scenario when the grouping method would be preferred over other methods and provide an example of this type of problem.

Graph one of your 2nd degree functions from question 1. Identify which function you used and the key features of your graph. Explain how to find them algebraically.

Using your graph from question 4, describe if the average rate of change is increasing or decreasing, from left to right. Justify your observations with calculations.

please help i don't understand it at all

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