March 29, 2017

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If a trip between work and home takes 15 minutes each way how much till will be spent in a 5 day work week traveling back and forth to work? (assume that at no point does the employee have to go home and come back within the same day)

Would the proportion be 15/5

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    75 minutes

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    If it takes 15 minutes to get to work, then it takes him another 15 minutes to get home. That means he travels 30 minutes each day going to and from work.

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    What does the statement in parenthesis saying? Do I just make the proportion using 30 minutes/5?

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    I assume your question is asking how many minutes he spends going back and forth to work in a week. You can't use a proportion for this problem.

    The part in parentheses means he only makes one round trip each day.

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    So I'd multiply 30*5 to get 150

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    Yes. You're right.

    You could use a proportion.

    30/1 = x/5

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    150 minutes.

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    Yep. It comes out the same both ways we work the problem.

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