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Posted by Jane on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 9:02pm.

If we ignore the small fraction of U-234, natural uranium has a concentration of 99.28 atom% of U-238 and 0.72% U-235. Their half-lives are, respectively, 4.68*109 and 7.038*108 years.
(a) In the future, will the U-238 percentage be higher or lower?
(b) In Oklo, Gabon, Africa, a fission reactor was operating naturally (on its own) billions of years ago. So, for example, say 2.5*109 years ago, if dinosaurs could measure the relative concentration of U-235 in the natural uranium of the time, what value would they find for the atom percentage of U-235?

s) it would be higher because it undergoes decay right?
b) I don't know how to even start this question

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