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Psychology/ Ms Sue

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Are my answers correct Ms Sue?

1. One of the characteristic features of school-age children is that they are more likely than younger children to try to conform to peer standards in such matters as clothing and language? True

2. School age children have a more elaborate understanding of abilities and traits than those under age 7? True

3. Resilience to stress is a stable or static trait describing a child's responses under adverse situations? False

4. research conducted on resilience in middle childhood has shown that high IQ may moderate the impact of family stress? True

5. Environmental influences from different teachers and peer groups reflect one's nonshared influences? True

6. About half of school age children live with their nuclear family? True

7. Most unmarried mothers are involved in a series of romances, which may include several episodes of cohabitation, marriage, and divorce? True

8. Jimmy, who is 8 years old, is more likely at this age to want to play with sara, than with michael? False

9. Aggressive rejected children tend to interpret ambiguous situations as hostile? True

10. Other children are more sympathetic toward bully-victims since they have experienced both sides of the bullying and victim spectrum? False

11. Bullying may lie in brain abnormalities present at birth and strengthened by insecure attachments and other defects? True

12. Insecure attachements may contribute to a child's aggressive behavior? True

13. To stop bullying in schools, changing the school culture so that bullies are not allowed to continue their attacks is more effective than teaching better social skills to victims? False

14. During middle childhood, children's moral reasoning is usually at the third level of kohlberg's theory? True

15. The law and order stage is listed under the conventional moral reasoning level in kohlberg's moral reasoning system? False

  • Psychology/ Ms Sue -

    I don't know about 3, 7, and 11. I disagree with 13. The others seem right.

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