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can someone help i'm stuck on two questions???

23. On a velocity-time graph, when is the object not moving?

when the slope is a straight line rising to the right

when the slope is a straight line falling to the right

when the slope is a line curving upward to the right

at the point in which the line crosses the x-axis

27. How do you find the instantaneous velocity on a position-time graph?

Find the slope of the tangent at any point.

Find the slope of the overall trend line.

Find the slope between any two points.<---- i think this one

Find the slope of only horizontal portions.<---- or this one

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    is anyone going to help????? im clueless :(

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    nvm i found them out and i really am disturbed that no one wants to help out

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    We are volunteers, Mary Ann. I find it troubling that you think volunteers will be waiting for you to post.

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    i don't think , i just asked because i seen you helping out people very quickly but when i posted my Q, u didn't help out at all. also my time was limited on the quiz

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    So ... you were cheating while taking a quiz?



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    "i don't think"

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