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Homework Help: Science- Radioactive Dating

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 2:41pm.

Which of the following statements about radioactive dating is true?

a. Radioactive decay is the rate at which new atoms form.
b. During radioactive decay, atoms break down, releasing particles or energy.
c. The rate of decay of a radioactive element cannot be approximated.
d. The number of radioactive atoms in a sample will always remain constant.


Geologists use radioactive dating to:

a. determine the relative age of rock layers.
b. tell the difference between molds and casts.
c. tell where one soil horizon ends and the next one begins.
d. determine the absolute age of rocks.


If the half-life of a 20.0 g sample is known to be 24 minutes, how long will it take for only 5.0 grams of the sample to remain?

a. 6 minutes
b. 24 minutes
c. 48 minutes
d. 96 minutes


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