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Posted by Anon on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at 10:29am.

How is grandmother's dream different from reality?

>Last night I dreamed of an old lover
I had not seen him in forty years.

When I awoke,
I saw him on the street.
His hair was white, his back was stooped.

How could I say hello?
He would have puzzled all day
about who the young girl was
who smiled at him.

So I let him go on his way.

v v v v v
1>Grandmother let her former lover go on his way because she thought he...
1) was too old
2) wouldn't know who she was
3) was senile
4) was someone else
5) would be embarrassed if she spoke to him

2> How does grandmother feel about getting old?
1)It doesn't bother her except at night in her dreams
2)It frightens her a great deal
3)She doesn't mind because she enjoys being a grandmother
4) She doesn't think about it because she doesn't see herself as old.
5) She doesn't recognize age because everyone look the same to her.

>>>A: (2)?

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