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physics mechanical energy and power

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A car m = 1850 kg is traveling at a constant speed of v = 30 m/s. The car experiences a force of drag (air resistance) of Fd = 300 N.

Write an expression for the power the car must produce Pi to maintain its speed.

Part (b) What is the power in HP?
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(c) The car encounters an incline which makes an angle of θ = 12 degrees with respect to the horizontal. The cruise control kicks in and increases the cars power to maintain its speed. What is the new power (in HP) required to maintain a constant speed?

  • physics mechanical energy and power -

    P(i)=F(d) •v =300 •30=9000 W=12.07 hp
    P=[P(d)+mgsinα] •v=
    =(300+1850•9.8•sin12) •30 =
    =18231.3 W=24.45 hp

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