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Algebra 1 (Reiny)

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1). A square pyramid has a volume of 560 in to the third power, a base length of 10 in., and a height of 14 in. What is its base width?

2). h + p = 3(k-8)

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    My textbook states that the formula v = 1/3lwh relates the volume of a square pyramid to its base length l, width w, and height h. However, I am uncertain whether this information applies to this equation or not.

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    of course it does

    I noticed Ms Sue helped you with this already.

    Why did you not follow her suggestion??

    But more important:
    You are told the base is a square,
    if the length is 10
    wouldn't the width be 10 also ??

    (1/3)(10)(10)(14) = (1/3)(1400) ≠ 560^3

    So your question has false data and is bogus.

    2. what do you want done with this equation?

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    2). I suppose I am supposed to solve it.

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