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Algebra, help needed

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I need help I don't know how to solve this system

Solve the following system. Show all your work

3x-2y+2z= 30
-x+3y-4z= -33
2x-4y+3z= 42

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    what makes it especially difficult? You must have solved similar systems already.

    2(1st)+(2nd) and 3(1st)-2(3rd):
    5x - y = 27
    5x + 2y = 6

    Now it gets easier:
    3y = -21
    y = -7

    x = 4
    z = 2

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    every time i try adding two equations that could make it simpler ex; by adding and crossing out variables. i just could never get it right and still have those three same variables thx for the help

  • Algebra, help needed -

    Yeah, it takes a bit of practice. Look for LCMs to get rid of stuff. In this case, since 3*2=6, we had to take 3 times the 1st to get 6 and 2 times the 3rd to get 6.

    Usually the errors come in watching the other coefficients. In the beginning, it helps to write everything down so details don't get lost.

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