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Math help!! for finals

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1.)A picture 8 in. by 12 in. is placed in a frame which has a uniform width. if the area of the frame is equal to the area of the picture, find the dimension of the frame

2.)Arman has 1160 annual income from bonds bearing 3% and 5 % interest. then he added 25% more of the 3% bonds and 40% more of the 5 % bonds, thereby increasing his annual income by 410. find his initial investment in each type of bond

i have a couple of problems like these,please help--show me the formulas and solutions to these so i can study how it's done

thank YOU so much

  • Math help!! for finals -

    picture area = 8x12 = 96
    If the frame has width w, then the total framed area is
    (8+2w)(12+2w) = 96+96
    now just solve for w and get the new dimensions

    If the 3%=x and the 5% = y, then

    .03x + .05y = 1160
    .02(1.25x) + .05(1.40y) = 1160+410
    now just solve for x and y.

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