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Posted by Dallas on Sunday, October 6, 2013 at 10:49pm.

Hi, Am I on the right track? Reading for an hour now..and wanted to check my answers..
Which modem uses the same medium used to transmit video signals"
My answer: C. Cable
'2. Which is the fastest wireless standard? My answer: 802.11G

3. How fast can a telephone modem transmit data. My answer: 128 mbps
1 mbps
32 bps

4. What encryption method can you use to secure a wireless network? My answer: Wire Equivalent Privacy
Automated port blocking
Encrypted Wireless Transmission
Roaming Prevention Protocol

5. What hardware device do you need to share a high-speed internet connection among computers in a single location? My answer: Hub/Router

6. A private network accessible to employees of a company that created it is called: My answer: an intranet
A business net
an extranet
the internet

7. A private network available to it employees & trusted users outside the company..My answer: an extranet
(the same answers as above)

If this is too much, I'll understand if you can't read it all.

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