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The poem is:

Canada Day Love Match

My mother stalked her future
son in law, convinced he was the one
for me. Through the crowd at the Forks Market, she kept behind him like a cat ready to pounce.
I kept out of his line of sight. Blind
to us, he watched other women.
Red turban, sunglasses, shorts, and T-shirt,
a kara on his right hand- a true Canadian.
When I was a teenager, my mother
was much too strict. She kept me in the closet, but I learned from friends with older sisters as my mom did when she grew up in the heat of africa.
My grandmother married at fifteen, did not know desire, and could not share it with her daughter.
I watch my mother, following him to the parking lot to see what he drives.
She races after him, but he vanishes in a sea of red and white hats. She says, "next time we'll get his phone number." We leave empty-handed and walk to the bridge to watch the fireworks. I close my eyes and feel the eruption of silver sparks electrify the sky.

The questions are:
1. Describe the persona speaking in "Canada Day Love Match", referring to details in the poem that support your view.

2. What idea about assessing others does the author of "Canada Day Love Match" convey to readers? Support with references from the poem.

Please help and thank you

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