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1. What is the greatest common factor of:


a. 2x5
b. 2x5x7
c. 2x5x7x7
d. 2x2x5x5x7x7
e. 2x2x2x5x5x5x7x7x7x7

2. What is the least common multiple of:


a. 2
b. 5x5x7
c. 3x3x5x5x5x7
d. 2x3x3x5x5x5x7x7
e. 2x3x3x3x5x5x5x5x5x7x7x7

Please answer and explain

What is different between greatest common factor and least common multiple

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    GCF must divide both numbers. So,

    2x5x7x7 (c)

    LCM must be a multiple of both numbers. So,

    2x3x3x5x5x5x7x7 (d)

    (e) is also a multiple, but not the LEAST multiple

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    how to divide both mumbers

  • math -

    2x2x5x7x7 = 2x5x7x7 x 2
    2x5x5x7x7 = 2x5x7x7 x 5

    There's no number which divides both 5 and 7, so we've reached the greatest factor of both values.

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    I understand
    so, #2
    how to multiple of both numbers

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    Thankyou so much mmrs sue

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