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This is a challenge question for my intro chemistry class and I'd really like to do it. Its in 2 parts.

1. Consider a 2790-lb automobile clocked by law-enforcement radar at a speed of 85.5 mph (miles/hour). If the position of the car is known to within 5.0 feet at the time of the measurement, what is the uncertainty in the velocity of the car?


2. If the speed limit is 75 mph, could the driver of the car reasonably evade a speeding ticket by invoking the Heisenberg uncertainty principle?

yes or no?

The first one seems like an equation but I don't know which one to pick. The chapter we had to read for our homework packet plus this challenge question was kinda confusing. And then the second question also confuses me because it seems like it should be a calculation too but the only options are yes or no.

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