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A block of mass m1 = 13.5 kg rests on a wedge of angle θ = 27∘ placed over a table.. An inextensible string is attached to Block M1, passes over a frictionless pulley at the top of the wedge, and is then attached to another block of mass M2 = 3 kg. The coefficient of kinetic friction between M1 and the plane is μ = 0.4. The string and wedge are long enough to ensure neither block hits the pulley or the table in this problem, assume that M1 never reaches the table.The system is released at t= 0
(a) Find the magnitude of the acceleration of block 1 when it is released
(b) How many cm down the plane will block 1 have traveled when 0.475 s has elapsed?
Please tell the steps in brief

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