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Homework Help: 8th Grade Health

Posted by Gabby on Monday, September 30, 2013 at 1:55pm.

1) Marcia is learning to perform a back handspring for the first time at her gymnastics class. One beginning principle necessary for a safe and successful performance of this skill is to practice the movement (1point)
At full speed immediately to feel how your body reacts.
In transition of other skills to simulate an advanced routine.***
On an apparatus to help increase jumping height.
Upon watching an experienced performer’s proper technique.

2) Charisse and Monica want to go tubing on the lake behind Monica’s house. Monica has watched her mom launch the boat many times and has even been allowed to steer the boat on occasion. The girls discuss the decision to go tubing, even though Monica’s mom isn’t home from work yet. How can the girls have fun tubing and make certain the experience is as safe as possible? (1point)
Never swim alone.
Never swim with the threat of lightning.
To swim with proper supervision.
All of the above***

3) Becky and Tremaine are finishing up their workout on the treadmill at the local gym. Select the best cool-down sequence for them to use. (1point)
Strength exercises, static stretching, walking in place
Static stretching, walking in place, strength exercises
Walking in place, static stretching, strength exercises***
None of the above

4) Demitri and his cousin were on a camping trip. They wanted to go canoeing down at the river. First, they needed to carry the canoe to the edge of the water to launch it. Immediately, Demitri had trouble helping his cousin lift the canoe up so they could start the short walk to the river. Select the area of health-related fitness Demitri is lacking a sufficient level of in order to be able to participate in this activity. (1point)
Body mass index
Muscular strength***

5) Select the answer that best represents flexibility exercises. (1point)
Bench press and shoulder shrug
Butterfly and zipper stretch***
Hamstring curls and calf raises
Squats and lunges

6) Kristy, a 13-year-old girl. Has a resting heart rate of 67 beats per minute. Using the lower and upper limit reserve training percentages of 50 percent and 85 percent respectively, what is Kristy’s target heart rate range? (1point)
137 to 186 per minute***
140 to 194 per minute
147 to 200 per minute
153 to 207 per minute

7) Increasing your target heart rate while rollerblading from 145 beats per minute to 170 beats per minute is an example of using which training principle of fitness to improve your workout? (1point)

Am I correct Ms.Sue???

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