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Problem 4- Speedy car, driving at 30 m/s. The driver suddenly observes a slow-moving van 155 m ahead traveling at 5 m/s in the same direction. The driver of the car immediately applies the brakes causing a constant acceleration of 2 m/s2 in a direction opposite to the cars velocity.
a) After the driver of the car applies the brakes, at what time the car will collide with the van?
b) Take x= 0 at the location of the car when the brakes applied, where does the collide with the van?

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    if the collide, they have traveled the same distance in the same time.

    distance van=155+5t
    distancecar=30t-1/2 *2*t^2

    set them equal, solve for time t.

    then using t, solve for car distance.

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    t = 10.5 s

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